Celebrating Hospitality Through Food–Iftar in Toronto

Eating food together is a universal way to celebrate something. For Muslims, the Iftar meal marks the end of the daily fast during Ramadan, their holy month commemorating the first revelation of the Quran to Mohammed. Based on the lunar calendar, Ramadan involves fasting from sun-up to sundown as a way to practice self-discipline and devotion, undergo spiritual and physical cleansing, and spend time on reflection. It is also a time to celebrate generosity and to offer that generosity to others.

In a multicultural city like Toronto, that generosity is evident in the many Iftar meals being served in restaurants and homes around the city. The meal cuts across nationality, ethnicity, race, and gender with families and friends gathering to share food and hospitality.

FamilyEating.Iftar Naan&Kabob.OtherStores.Sign Naan&Kabob.Outsideview RamadanPlatterSign

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