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Nourishing Connections To Food, Through Food

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Food Studies is now a recognized discipline and course of study at many universities. It is interdisciplinary, draws from the humanities and the sciences, and is useful in a wide variety of careers--both academic and applied/professional--related to food. The premier organization for food studies in the U.S. is the Association for the Study of Food and Culture. You can check their website ( for more information about programs and requirements.

A listing of academic programs can be found on the Find/Resources section under Food Studies. Each program has a slightly different emphasis, so it is important for prospective students to match their own interests with the program.

This group encourages discussion of the various programs available, academic trends and developments in the field, resources, and concerns in food studies.

Join our FOOD STUDIES Discussion Group on CONNECT






Join our FOOD STUDIES Discussion Group on CONNECT


2014 Foodways Calendar



This year's foodways calendar features photographs of food and foodways activities from around the world. Each month emphasizes a different theme of the ways in which food connects us. Photographs are contributed by members and friends of the Center.